Pioneers in development

Innovating, manufacturing and developing insulated tools since 2001. Shocksafe insulated tools by Carters have been perfected through a continual improvement programme involving safety professionals, civil engineers, utility contractors and product design engineers.

Today, Carters deliver the toughest, lightest, safest and most relevant Shocksafe range that has been tailored in fine detail to meet the demanding needs of professional contractors.

Safety through quality

The Shocksafe insulated range is handmade at Carters modern 45,000 sq/ft manufacturing headquarters in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Each tool is manufactured to exacting specifications using stringent documentation processes: incorporating 5 separate and completely traceable preconditioning tests for the major components utilised.

Every single Shocksafe tool is then flash tested to 10,000 Volts before the issue of a number and certificate, completely unique to each implement: our guarantee of quality to the end user in a potentially dangerous live-working environment.


Our Shocksafe shovels are doubly protected by twin layers of polymer sheathing, moulded over the rigid fibreglass core. The orange insulation used for the outer sheathing has been developed for its high voltage and abrasion resistance properties. If the white inner sleeve becomes visible, the tool should be removed from use around live working conditions. A specially integrated hand stop prevents the user’s hand slipping onto the steel blade. 

Each tool comes with a 12 month major manufacturing defect guarantee from date of manufacture.

Evolution of the range

2002 - Present

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